Data import and export

Legacy applications are one of the most difficult issues to face within IT. Replacing legacy software is often risky, difficult to cost-justify and can interrupt your business.

Meanwhile, the green screen interfaces linger throughout your company resulting in lost sales, overstocking, stock outs and frustrated users. There can also be many indirect costs as a result of repetitive and manual data entry, time consuming processes, and a lack of visibility of the data needed to run your company efficiently.

On top of all that, with inflexible and increasingly poor levels of support from the provider, many companies resort to using Access databases and Excel files to implement their business processes and reporting.

In search of efficiency, agility and the ability to innovate, MRO's are quickly realizing that their legacy systems often stand in the way of these goals. Today, companies need a single system that can give them quick and easy access to the data and reports wherever and whenever they need.

I am a specialist in the development of modern ERP and reporting software, built on top of legacy systems, for aerospace MRO's and parts suppliers. I help my clients improve their operational efficiency, often by as much as 60%, with bespoke software that addresses their specific business needs.

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